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Saturday, September 29, 2018

     Hi! Well, it's the second weekend of fall and I am in my element! This is my favorite season and so it gives me  plenty to write about.  I'm also very excited to share my second piece that I submitted to our new local magazine, called "A is for Adventure." This piece also mentions that my readers will finally start to receive a sample of my work as I get ready to bring my character Sara Jayne Nunn to life for you guys. She has been a part of my creative process for as long as I can remember, but my circle of friends who have been reading as I have written over the years have been encouraging me to embrace my writing and share Sara Jayne's adventures with you as well.

     My plan is to write a weekly column called "Saturdays with Sara Jayne." Given the depth of this character and the fact that her adventures have led me to write two novels, I felt she deserved her own website, because truth be told, most Southern ladies love to be the center of attention...since most people tend to associate Southern ladies with Scarlett O'Hara that is.

     Sara Jayne embodies all that could be considered Steel Magnolias or Whiskey in a Teacup, but you will get to know her soon enough. So I will get back to my writing and website creating, because next weekend is a very special weekend for this Southern lady and she will be sure to share it all and her new website with you as well.


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